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Gather Woods/Gather Words Project

Brief description of project proposal for Anthropocene Research Kitchen at NYUAD

I have a fascination around the abandoned palm plantations that can be found here in the UAE where once farmed palms have been left to die. Some palms still stand tall but blackened and rotting, their branches broken and wilted. Others have growth stunted, stopped from flourishing. These plots evoke a sense of abandonment and death and a dark energy emits from these areas. They appear as a stark reminder of the harsh environment that we live in.

These sites will be considered as a subject to inform and contribute to the Woods/Words project. The work may take the form of a ceremony.

Initial research documented below.

Performance was conducted at dawn and dusk in May 23. The performer was asked to read ‘A Kriya for Cultivating Your Inner Plant’ by Natasha Myers as preparation for the filming. She was given very little instruction on the day.

Day 1. Start by walking through and around the area, begin at a distance then coming closer to the palms. Once your reach them begin to interact with them.

Day.2 Begin by performing acts of reparation, watering the plants, seeding the ground, sitting with and honouring the plants. We then gather branches of palm together and write messages to the palm before setting them to rest at the base of one of the trees. Messages can be positive or negative, let your words flow.

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