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Celebrating the coral worlds that lie beneath the waves, a world that so few gain access too.

Over passages of time the glitch appears, temperature rise and stormy weather patterns frequent our oceans and make breaks in the reef’s growth. Coral bleaching ensues. 


An installation focused around a main print 7m long that flows from wall to floor, fading. Portholes of plaster line the walls a spotlight mimicking the fading of these corals as bleaching takes place. Moveable and stacked pots found in Abu Dhabi's Meena, that no doubt arrived by sea, house dried palms that replicate the growth and fluidity of corals and give dimension to the work.

Coralcorral, Sikka Art Fair, 2022

Coralcorral for Etihad small.tif
porthole 1small.tif
Porthole 3 small.tif
Porthole 2 small.tif
porthole 4 small.tif
Porthole 5 small.tif
Porthole 6 small.jpg
Porthole 7 small.jpg
Porthole 8.jpg
printed plasterwork 15x15cm
digital print, 96x700cm 2022
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