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panorama 12 invert new.jpg
digital print 110 x 670cm 2015

Constructions of Reality

Images are taken on an i-phone or other mobile phone device and specifically look to the point where the device and the image fail.


In this failure Robertson looks to question the meaning of reality and how, through a break down or malfunction, our perception might begin to alter.


With machine, as with man, a break down forces us to recalibrate, reboot and start afresh giving us the opportunity to create anew or an-other. The use of the inverted image invites us to question the image further, challenging our perception, enabling us to see what we could not see before.


This work also questions the truth in a photograph. Image circulation through the web and social media no longer reports the truth but creates its own hysteria, its own hype and its own reality. How does this influence our perception of reality and in this digital age can we ever trust the photograph as depicting the truth?

Hyperreality 1 for presentation.jpg
digital print 103 x 678cm 2015
20160325_145453 col invert for presentation.jpg
digital print 107 x 679cm 2015
20160325_151136col inv 2for presentation_.jpg
digital print 101 x 675cm 2015
neoprene cityscan 2.jpg
neoprene cityscan1.jpg
digital print on neoprene 40x 55cm 2016
Constructions of Reality NYU Project Space(2018).tif
instacollage small.tif
Constructions of Reality, NYUAD Project Space 2018
digital print 91 x 404cm 2018
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